Global Reach

Complete Insurance Group is proud to be part of PSC Connect, one of the largest privately-owned Authorised Representative networks in Australia. We are part of the PSC Insurance Group operation that has over 120 staff with an annual turnover that exceeds $140M and is one of the fastest growing private insurance brokerages operating in Australia.

We look after the insurance and risk needs of over 50,000 businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Our team consists of over 300 staff and authorised representatives, operating in 18 locations in four countries and have experience in a range of insurance and risk specialities to provide our clients with a diverse range of skills and industry experience.

We focus on being able to capture the critical risks unique to your business, combined with our knowledge and experience. This vision enables us to evaluate the most complex insurance situations and design cost competitive, effective, customised insurance programs for your business.

Contact us today and experience what a committed insurance broking professional can do for your business.