Network Strength

Steadfast Group

All entities within the PSC Insurance Group, including Complete Insurance Group, are members of Steadfast Group Limited, an intermediary network that assists insurance brokers in day-to-day management, expertise and the compilation of a number of specially written policies for the benefit of our clients. Steadfast Group collectively administers in excess of $2.5 billion in insurance and premium funding premiums annually.  Steadfast Group is Australia’s largest broker network group comprising of 280 insurance brokerages, represented by over 400 offices Australia wide.

With offices in the major cities and regional centres of Australia, Steadfast Brokers represent local, personalised service within their communities.  Being part of a national network gives brokers access to a larger pool of skills, knowledge, products and services, delivering a higher quality service at a lower cost.

As part of the Steadfast Group, Complete Insurance Group is able to tap into the resources available through this alliance to deliver superior Insurance and Risk Management solutions to its clients.

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